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 Are you planning to buy land in Texas? We are here for you.

Buying land can be very stressful regardless of how smoothly a transaction proceeds. Just as no two pieces of land are exactly alike, each land transaction is unique and often times complicated. The reality is, while any real estate licensee can represent you, not everyone has the knowledge and experience to help you successfully achieve your goals when buying land. Their license makes it legal to practice, unfortunately their inexperience in land transactions could cost you valuable time, tons of stress, and thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses. By utilizing a Buyer’s Agent who is experienced in rural land transactions, you are saving yourself from the risk of this potential emotional and financial toll. Hiring a buyer’s agent usually does not cost you anything. Typically, a buyer’s agent is paid by the seller, therefore as a buyer you incur no cost and receive full representation. When you hire Plateau Land Group, you are hiring a team of rural property experts first, real estate brokers second. Our commitment to you is to make your transaction as stress free as possible. Let us spend the sleepless nights while you dream peacefully knowing that your land venture is in good hands.

 Our Buyer’s Agents provide full service representation.

Individualized Service – We understand that your needs are unique and finding the right property is much more than simply searching the internet. We believe it is our fiduciary responsibility to fully understand your needs, wants, and goals and will leverage our expertise to help you successfully achieve them. Our buyer’s specialists offer deep experience in many facets of rural land ownership and will work with you to identify other criteria you may not have previously considered.

Diverse Property Search – Once we understand your goals, we will comprehensively search for your property leveraging multiple listing services. We also actively search within our network of landowners and other brokers for unlisted opportunities. Be it for Recreation, Farming, Investment, or Homestead, we will find it for you.

Unmatched Property Evaluation – We understand that while a property may meet your criteria, it might not provide the characteristics necessary to achieve your goals. We spend a great amount of time evaluating each potential property and will separate out the “wheat from the chaff” resulting in a complete, evaluated, and qualified list of properties. Additionally, once you have selected potential properties for consideration, we will perform expert due diligence to research tax valuations, mineral, wind, and water rights, utilities, habitat evaluation, conservation and stewardship, investment potential, legal, title, and regulatory issues.

Educated, Confident, and Professional Negotiation – We possess unmatched knowledge of the rural property market, deep land management experience, and a solid understanding of rural property valuations. As rural property specialists, we are educated negotiators committed to executing negotiations on your behalf with confidence and integrity. We will provide you with guidance throughout the transaction and together, we will secure a sound investment.

Ownership Support – After you’ve acquired your dream property, the Plateau family of companies can help you get the most out of your land. We are here to help you with wildlife management plans, capital improvements, habitat management and enhancement, conservation easements, tax valuations, and estate planning.

To speak to a Buyer’s Agent, give us a call at 512-829-5287 or fill out the “Request More Info” form at the top of this page.

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